Why Seniors Can’t Skip Skin Protection

Congratulations. You’ve survived life’s slings and arrows, and made it to your senior years. It took some brains. It took common sense. Now is not […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

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Hydration is Essential for Seniors

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Tips to Prevent Slips & Falls

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Hypothermia: Seniors Must Stay Warm in Winter

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Helping Seniors Survive Spring Allergies

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Skin Health is Critical for Seniors

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Vaccinate to Protect Your Health

According to the US Department of Heath & Human Services, older adults need to get shots (vaccines) to prevent serious diseases. Protect your health by […]

Social & Productive Engagement

The productive aging paradigm focuses on the idea that providing opportunities for older adults to put their hearts, minds, and souls into activities that are […]

Social Isolation

What does social isolation in later life mean for a person? Studies suggest that it could mean early death. This video provides an overview of […]