Spring cleaning can make a big difference in your continued health and safety at home. It’s easy for our homes to become cluttered with accumulated belongings. This is an especially important concern for seniors, as clutter can create slip and fall hazards. Having a clean, organized home not only makes you feel better but it can help you to stay safe and healthy.  Dust and mildew can be hazardous to your health, as well.

Here are some spring cleaning tips seniors that are especially helpful to seniors. If you don’t feel you can tackle these projects alone, there are outside services available to lend you a hand.

  • Remove clutter, especially from primary walking paths and high-traffic areas.
  • Dust ceiling fans and clean blinds and windows.
  • Organize your refrigerator and pantry. Remove expired food. Consider relocating items for ease of reach and to make them easier to locate.
  • Check the condition of outdoor furniture/areas for cleaning and/or removal of worn items. Check the condition of walking paths, sidewalks driveways.  Remove excess branches and shrubbery. Make sure both indoor and outdoor lighting is sufficient and in good working order.
  • Check the working status of safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and alarm systems. If you do not have a personal emergency response system, consider installing one to assure that you will get assistance quickly if you have a fall or other problem in the home.
  • Organize paperwork and shred unnecessary papers. Create a filing system if you don’t already have one in place. Be sure to inform trusted family members about locations of important papers and information they may need to access.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Make sure to get assistance for any heavy lifting, or any cleaning and maintenance tasks requiring extra strength, balance or flexibility, like climbing ladders, which can pose safety issues for you.