The spring is coming soon but we still have a few more weeks of winter weather.

It’s important to keep your body (and your brain) moving, even during the winter. These winter exercises for seniors are sure to keep you happy and healthy.  We’ve listed a few ideas to keep you motivated and healthy!

—Go for a Walk Inside

By moving your legs, you can lower the risks of heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes. You can also strengthen bones, muscles, and hone balance/coordination skills. For extra fitness benefits, move your arms with more of a purpose, or carry some light dumbells.

For seniors, one of the most common indoor walking areas is inside the mall. Most shopping malls open early, often before any other stores in the complex. Walking with friends is a great way to stay social, while getting great exercise. And, the clean floors make for a great accident-free environment.

For a more intense workout, increase the speed of your pace. Going for a brisk walk will be even better for burning calories.

Dancing has been shown to be one of the most powerful forms of exercise for keeping both the body and brain healthy. All you need is a clear spot on the floor and some music.


Yoga as a form of exercise is very gentle and low impact that often involves holding a variety of poses or positions while focusing on breathing and relaxation.


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