Indoor Winter Exercises for Seniors

The spring is coming soon but we still have a few more weeks of winter weather.

It’s important to keep your body (and your brain) moving, even […]

How to Prepare for a Dermatologist Appointment

Skin conditions, from occasional, to chronic do downright dangerous, can crop up at any age. Always check your skin. If something doesn’t look right, don’t […]

A Good Night’s Sleep is Important for Older People

Along with the physical changes that occur as we get older, changes in our sleep patterns are a part of the normal aging process. As […]

For Seniors, Laughter Can be the Best Medicine.

You may have used one of these expressions at some point in your life; “you’re killing me,” “I just about died laughing,” or joke after […]

For Seniors, Loneliness Can be Hazardous to Your Health

One of the biggest challenges many seniors face as they age isn’t healthcare, it’s losing their social network. As friends start to pass away or […]

May is “Stroke Awareness Month”

Age makes us more susceptible to having a stroke, as does having a mother, father, or other close relative who has had a stroke. You can’t […]

3 Scams to Protect Against in 2018

Millions of Americans fall prey to scams each year. Staying alert and knowing where to report financial exploitation helps stop scammers from claiming more victims. […]

The Health & Emotional Benefits of Volunteering

The health benefits associated with volunteering are a means to combat isolation and loneliness. Volunteering provides many older adults with a purpose. That purpose can […]

Shingles and the new preventive vaccine

Anyone who has had chickenpox can get shingles, also called herpes zoster. After the chickenpox clears, the virus stays inside the body. If the virus […]

The Importance of a Living Will

While many seniors have had a Last Will & Testament set up for years, many older folks (and their loved ones) are not fully aware […]

Why Seniors Can’t Skip Skin Protection

Congratulations. You’ve survived life’s slings and arrows, and made it to your senior years. It took some brains. It took common sense. Now is not […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Spring cleaning can make a big difference in your continued health and safety at home. It’s easy for our homes to become cluttered with accumulated […]

Hydration is Essential for Seniors

Dehydration is ranked in the top ten most frequent reasons for Medicare hospitalizations. It is a serious problem that can result in death if not […]

Tips to Prevent Slips & Falls

Dangers inside the home add up over time, making it easier for older adults to trip, fall, and hurt themselves. Falls are a top reason […]

Hypothermia: Seniors Must Stay Warm in Winter

Seniors living in a poorly insulated house with the heater off can save money on a 60-degree day, but such a day might be chilly […]

Helping Seniors Survive Spring Allergies

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, flowers aren’t the only things blooming. Ragweed and other pollen-producing plants also return in the spring. For […]

Skin Health is Critical for Seniors

Seniors tend to be more susceptible to skin infection and skin disease due to the changes that take place to skin as we age. It’s […]

Vaccinate to Protect Your Health

According to the US Department of Heath & Human Services, older adults need to get shots (vaccines) to prevent serious diseases. Protect your health by […]

Social & Productive Engagement

The productive aging paradigm focuses on the idea that providing opportunities for older adults to put their hearts, minds, and souls into activities that are […]

Social Isolation

What does social isolation in later life mean for a person? Studies suggest that it could mean early death. This video provides an overview of […]

3 Easy Memory Games for Seniors

Surveys of seniors have shown that at least 3 in 5 seniors are concerned about memory loss or loss of mental capacity. Yet aging doesn’t […]

Overcoming the Fear of Falling . . . defining what’s possible for every “body.”

This video demonstrates what is still possible among those with special needs and others concerned about the risk and fear of falling.

Low-Impact Exercise For Seniors Can Keep You Healthy

One of the most important things you can do to remain healthy, mobile, and independent is to exercise regularly. According to guidelines from the Centers […]

Brain Exercise Games Aid Memory and Cognitive Abilities

According to research presented at the 2014 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, the concept of “use it or lose it” applies to brain power — and […]

Brain Health for Seniors: 5 Tips for Getting Social and Staying Smart

The health of your brain plays a critical role in everything you do. While you probably know that regular exercise and a healthy diet can […]

Buying a Tablet for Seniors

Is the iPad for seniors? You bet! An iPad (or another tablet) is an innovative way to provide yourself with amusing games and activities during […]

8 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Here are the eight most common ways to fund assisted living. The payment method that’s best for your family will depend on your unique circumstances. […]